Thursday, October 1, 2009

General Hawk G.I. JOE "As He SHOULD Have Looked In The Movie" Custom Action Figure Art

The movie G.I. JOE: The Rise of Cobra was a dissapointement for me on many levels. First, the characters and relationships were not the ones that I loved from the Marvel comics or even the cartoons of the '80s. Second, it was sloppily made; Snake-Eyes had a flashback told from the perspective of Storm Shadow? And finally, they didn't look like the characters I know and love.

They could have easily combined the new modern "hi tech" looks they wanted with more cues from the original costumes of these characters. So that's just what I decided to do...


He's got all the things that make him a new modern movie Hawk but with enough cues back to his vintage uniform to make him recognizable.


The base figure is of course ROC General Hawk. I sculpted the sleeves and collar and made casts of the 25th Anniversary Hawk's medals, ribbons, and wings that I attached to the jacket. The jacket is a modified Indiana Jones jacket. The entire figure is completely repainted as well.


Hawk is the fifth member of my "how they should have looked" team with Ripcord and Cover Girl to follow shortly. (See Roadblock, Duke, Scarlett, and Shipwreck below.)


Up next? Just so you don't think I'm exclusively G.I. Joe, I'll show off one of my Star Wars customs.

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