Saturday, January 23, 2010

Parts and Inspiration

Many people ask me where I get all the parts and pieces to make my custom action figure art. Well, I buy a lot of figures at Target and Toys R Us. But I'm also lucky enough to live in Chicago which means I can hit the Bridgeview, IL Toy Con that happens every other month or so and the Kane County Toy Show twice a year. But in between those shows, and when I just need some inspiration, I go to Quake Collectibles on Lincoln Ave in the city.


I recently made a trip there not because I needed specific parts, but just because I happened to be in the neighborhood and as usual, it paid off with some unexpected finds. Dave the proprietor is one of the nicest guys you'll ever meet. In fact, I think he's the closest thing you'll ever see to a real Santa Clause as it seems that all he wants to do is use his toys to make people smile. In fact on this trip, there were some uppity middle school boys grabbing everything in sight and he handled them with both patience and grace. He has toys from all areas and all genres from the floor to the ceiling of his small shop. This can be a little overwhelming until you stop trying to focus on each piece and just let your eyes wander.


You never know what you're going to find as he is constantly updating his inventory so it's not only great for parts, but for inspiration as well. I somehow neglected to take photos of the boxes and boxes of loose figures and parts. I could spend hours just digging through them...and I have.

So if you're coming to Chicago or just passing through, Quake is definitely a place to check out. I guarantee you'll leave with something that makes you smile and you won't have paid a lot for it either. (Just don't go on Tuesday because they're closed.)

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  1. Quake! There are always a few hidden treasures there for me to enjoy :-)


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