Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Red Sonja Custom Action Figure Art - Mythic Legions 6" Kitbash / Custom

"Know, O Prince, that Red Sonja and her two companions traveled across the Vilayet Sea to the west in search of treasure...and adventure!"


If you're familiar with the blog, you know I'm a fan of all things Hyborian from the Conan stories and movies to the Red Sonja comic books. So when the Four Horsemen announced their awesome female figures in the Advent of Decay Kickstarter, my brain immediately saw the potential in the parts they were creating. I could finally make a 6" figure worthy of the moniker, Red Sonja.
Sonja is a kitbash of (4) different figures with a custom paint job. While she's not a 100% accurate, she's still instantly recognizable. To that end, I tried to maintain a balance between savagery and sexiness by giving her armor a uniform chrome, applying multiple layers of red to her hair, and upon the advice of a creative friend, detailing the eyes to emphasize her fierceness without drawing attention away from the rest of her.

Above is the chart I created during the Kickstarter to ensure I had all the parts I needed to make her. However, I didn't expect to love the figures made from the "leftovers" as much as I do now. After also mixing some of their parts around, I think they make very worthy companions of our hero.

I can't stress enough how much I love these Mythic Legions figures. They're beautifully sculpted, excellently engineered, and the decos are amazing. But what puts them over the top is their interchangeability of parts. They're far from cheap, but every square inch of them is worth every penny. Pick some up and see for yourself at Big Bad Toy Store or from The Four Horsemen on November 26th. Until next time, remain The Insidious One.

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