Sunday, July 26, 2015

Conan the Barbarian Masters of the Universe Classics Style

As I said in my post for my custom 3.75" Conan the Barbarian action figure (See it here.), I appreciate all versions of Robert E. Howard's character...well, almost...
 photo conan_poster_zpsib88nx5r.jpg  photo conantv_zpss9xr3jlb.jpg
But even in these two examples, there are aspects that kick-ass because the source material is so good. (You gotta admit, kid Conan from the Jason Momoa movie was great.) From the written stories themselves, to Frazetta's paintings, to the Marvel comics, to Schwarzenegger's movies (Barbarian, and Destroyer), to the Dark Horse comics, even to the animated series "Conan The Adventurer", they all veer off into their own interpretations of Howard's character and each bring something special to the mix. So I tried to infuse elements of all of these interpretations into one custom Conan figure.

To that end, I gave him sullen icey blue eyes and thick black hair to be true to Howard's descriptions and Frazetta's paintings.
 photo 15_zps0uq5e0ug.jpg
However, I sculpted the hair to be more "Schwarzeneggeresk," and the details of the sword to be reminiscent of the Atlantean sword from the movies. I also chose a more "movie-star handsome" portrait for his face. The trademark gold band on his arm is, of course, inspired by the Marvel comics depiction.
 photo 11_zpskcei288f.jpg
I gave him tattered armor, bracers, and a battle worn axe inspired by Cary Nord's work on the Dark Horse comics. Notice also the "Wheel of Pain" emblem pendant (and tiny leather necklace straps) around his neck inspired by the first Conan movie.
 photo 18_zps25dptggn.jpg
Finally, because my son loves it, I gave him a shield inspired by the Conan the Adventurer cartoon complete with Needle the Phoenix on the face.(It really is an underrated kid's version of Conan. So if you dismissed it when it first aired in the 90's and now you have kids, I recommend it as a great first introduction to the character.)
 photo 20_zpsz8arob7i.jpg
 photo conancartoon_zpsqca30buq.jpg
Here are a few more pics. Can you guess the inspiration for each pose?
 photo 08_zpsx2b9vdhj.jpg 

 photo 06_zpsiga4uw5b.jpg 

 photo 13_zpsx2hhd09s.jpg 

 photo 02_zpsfawicdls.jpg 

 photo 19_zpsh2sixthq.jpg
He was a long time coming and a labor of love. I hope you dig him. If you do, he's available on ebay right now. Click this link to check out the auction. Until next time, I remain The Insidious One.